Non-academic Publications

Politics & Economics

Covid-19, Migrant Workers, and Liberal Education (May 15, 2020; The Kochi Post)
The Prophet, Islam and Muslim Politics (Oct 23, 2019; The Kochi Post)
The Souls of Muslim Folk in West Bengal (July 10, 2017; Raiot Webzine)
Playing with fire: Bengal’s rioting Muslims are hurting their own opportunities for empowerment (July 10, 2017;
Should Muslims in India expect more violence in the coming days? (July 29, 2016; Raiot Webzine)
Behind the Dhaka attack: radical secularisation and Islamist terror in Bangladesh (July 12, 2016; openDemocracy)
Nehru’s ‘Idea of India’ is dead, but is there a way to re-imagine a sense of community in our fractured times? (March 3, 2016;
What caste means to me as a Muslim in India (January 23, 2016; Youth Ki Awaaz)
Do we have the language to talk about housing discrimination against Muslims? (June 1, 2015; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)
How to Eat Beef in Bengal? (April 5, 2015; Antiserious)
What does AAP’s victory in Delhi Assembly Elections say about Muslims? (March 1, 2015; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)
What Ferguson means to an international student in the US (November 26, 2014; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)
Pornography of Violence: The Dead Children of Palestine (August 17, 2014; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)
The Aam Aadmi in Indian General Elections 2014 (March 17, 2014; Cafe Dissensus)
An Interview with Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati (March 17, 2014; Cafe Dissensus)
Bangladesh: A Nation Divided (Dec 20, 2013; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)
Albert Camus on Death Penalty (November 10, 2013; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)
A Letter to Mr. Chetan Bhagat (July 4, 2013; Beyond Headlines)
Indian liberalism has a rough week (November 17, 2012; Asia Times Online)
Behind a Veil (August 22, 2012; Newslaundry)

Travelling in Donald Trump’s America (October 17, 2017; Coldnoon)


The Girl on the Rooftop (August 2020; Borderless Journal)
Tonight I Could (July 2020; Setu Magazine)
Grief (July 2018; Setu Magazine)
There He Sat & For Rohith Vemula (December 20; Noble/Gas Quarterly)
The Perfumer of Brownsville (December 19; Quail Bell Magazine) There
Three Poems (Vol. 2, Issue 2. July, 2017; Setu Magazine)
Pumpkin (January 8, 2016; The Sunflower Collective)

Maryam (February 28, 2017; The Bombay Review)
Mehru’s Dream (February 13, 2015; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)
Death by Snow (June 30, 2013; Cafe Dissensus)

An Interview with Prof. Mehr Afshan Farooqi on Urdu writer and critic, Muhammad Hasan Askari (October 27; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)
Jamil Ahmad’s ‘The Wandering Falcon’ (March 9, 2016; Cafe Dissensus)
Faiz Ahmed Faiz and the Bangladesh Liberation War (1971) (May 15, 2015; Cafe Dissensus)
Fiction of Activism (June 25, 2013; Cafe Dissensus)

Book Review
Sudipta Mitra’s Pearl by the River: Nawab Wajid Ali Shah’s Kingdom in Exile (June 25, 2017; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)
Ayesha Mattu & Nura Maznavi’s Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex, and Intimacy (July 18, 2014; Hyphen Magazine)
Jeremy Seabrook & Imran Ahmed Siddiqui’s People without History: India’s Muslim Ghettos (March 29, 2014; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)
Aman Sethi’s A Free Man: A True Story of Life and Death in Delhi (Nov 28, 2013; Hyphen Magazine)
Huma R. Kidwai’s The Hussaini Alam House (February 15, 2013; Cafe Dissensus)
Amitav Ghosh’s River of Smoke  (October 18, 2012; Hyphen Magazine)
Tehmima Anam’s The Good Muslim (Winter, 2011; Hyphen Magazine)
Saborna Roychowdhury’s The Distance  (July 27, 2011; Hyphen Magazine)
Rahna Reiko Rizzuto’s Hiroshima in the Morning (Spring, 2011; Hyphen Magazine)

Film & Film Review
Natasha Raheja’s Cast in India (November 8, 2014; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)
An Informal Conversation with Jayan K. Cherian, Director, Papilio Buddha (with Mary Ann Chacko) (Jan 25, 2014; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)
Mira Nair’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist (June 4, 2013; Cafe Dissensus Everyday).

Geneva Camp, Dhaka (October 13, 2013; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)

My Rendezvous with Humaira Bachal (March 9, 2014; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)
Nafisa and Hyderabad: The Social Activist and the City (June 25, 2013; Cafe Dissensus)

World Cup: The Power of Football (June 14, 2014; Cafe Dissensus Everyday)

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