I blog because I love writing on various topics and in various genres. I write on literature, film, culture, politics, and everything else that interests me. You won’t find any pattern in my choice of topics in my blog pieces. They are pretty haphazard and I like to keep it that way because blogging is a way of unwinding for me after the strictures of academic writing. For me blogging is a space, where I enjoy myself immensely by letting my creative juices flow.

I have always thought of myself as one who is more inclined to creative than academic wiritng. However, I have never given creative writing a serious try. I like writing poetry and short shorts. Poetry because no other genre is capable of expressing emotions with a sense of immediacy and pointedness that poetry can do. However, you will be disappointed if you are looking for rich imagery in my poem. Mine is more descriptive, cryptic, and situational.

Please follow the link to my blog:  Margin-o-Marginalia

Here is my piece on Nicholas Schmidle’s To Live or To Perish Forever (2010)

Please read my short story, Death by Snow

And my translation of the first chapter of Shankha Ghosh’s novella, Sakalbelar Alo (The Morning Light)

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